Artist Statement

My art is about freedom
About upsetting you to the point of bliss
About tender aggression
Naked eyes and exposed lies
About emotional extremes with subtleness
My art is about the pain I feel
And the beauty you see in that
My art wants to slam contradiction in your face
To epitomize the coexistence of you
And I
My art is merely us
You and I
Entangled in some unknown position
Fighting, Loving, Laughing, Crying
The whole journey through


I was born in Nuremberg, Germany, grew up traveling the world from Korea, Germany, and China to Virginia, Louisiana and the Carolinas. My travels have helped me create a unique sense of style, design, color, fashion and photography. After spending several years moving about the world and refining my craft, I decided to share my love of art, design and photography by creating Inclusive Photography by Moye’.

I have used Inclusive Photography by Moye’ to inspire a new generation of photography by incorporating, chic designs and classic style with innovative techniques and distinguishing features. As a child, I had a knack for the arts. My love for photography began in middle school, when my older cousin gave my father a Minolta Camera. My father didn’t use it often, so I claimed it as my own. With this camera and my inherent gifts, I was able to capture the essence of posture and pose, points of view and language along with extraordinary images of the world and priceless moments in time.

Presently fourteen years strong in the business, my love for art continues to grow as my journey moves into sharing my gifts in various art forms. The evolution of Inclusive Photography by Moye’; Profile Artist Moye’, is a platform to express and share the depth of myself however I feel at that moment and with whatever medium I choose.

I believe self – discovery, self – awareness, and recognizing our reflections in all things is essential to our life’s journey. With my art, I seek to ignite others as well as myself; to look deep within and open doors to places untouched, to keep the catalyst alive in places already discovered, and to push the boundaries of what society views as beautiful and artistic.


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