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What’s your favorite food?

Stacy - Anything that makes me dance in my seat when I put it in my mouth. True story.

Willis - My absolute favorite food is nearly anything with bacon! Honestly, I enjoy savory, comfort foods.



What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Stacy - Their energy. And whether or not they return my easy smile. 

Willis - They way that they they project themselves through their posture and body language, almost immediately after, their eyes. Both tell a real story about people.



Name two physical traits you love about your spouse?

 Stacy - Woo chile! His lips and his skin. *fanning myself* 

 Willis - Her eyes, her smile



What do you think is one of the most undervalued professions right now?

Stacy - The Preventative and Self HEALTH Industry. This would include: yoga, meditation, chiropractic care, physical fitness, energy workers (reiki), massage therapy, all forms of art (painting, photography, knitting, etc...I consider this meditation), and farming. 

 Willis - Teachers in general are quite undervalued.  No other professional requires so much education and training and provide such small pay.  Teachers mold great young minds.  How much is that worth?  A heck of a lot more that the going rate for a school teacher today I tell you.



If someone asked you to give them a random piece of advice, what would you say?

Stacy - Only allow things and people into your life that contribute to your peace. Choices will become much easier now. You're welcome. LOL!

Willis - Plant your corn early?  LOL!  Seriously, I would advise folks to strive to personify and live the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”



What is the first image that spontaneously comes to mind when you think

about your spouse?

Stacy - Laughter.  

Willis - Her bursting in laughter randomly, seemingly uncontrollably.



What's your favorite part of your personality?

Stacy - My humor. Duh!

Willis - How I mellow I tend to be.



What is your happiest childhood memory? 

Stacy - This is tough because there were SO MANY, so I'll choose one that still resonates with my rascally rascal personality today: My mom and I lived with my grandparents until I was 9 years old. When I was approx. 6 or 7 yrs old, my mom and I hid beneath the dining room table, stifling giggles as my grandfather walked by. Later, I crammed my little body under his bedroom desk and desk chair, hiding from him...again stifling giggles. What I DIDN'T expect was for him to start undressing and changing clothes! LOL! Jesus be a blindfold! To this day, I hide in corners and scare the hell out of my husband and two sons. A couple of women will thank me some day for the all the money they will need to spend on therapy for my children. LOL!

 Willis - Birthday parties and cookouts at my parents house when ALL of my cousins could be there.  It was almost like family reunions.



What’s something most people don’t know about you?

Stacy - I've lived all over this country as a child, attending 10 different schools. I was honestly always friendly but I was always singled out by the bullies...African American and Caucasion kids alike. I was bullied to the point of fist to cuffs. Because I was nice and of average build, bullies thought they could take me. Welp, you just got molly-wopped. How you feel? LOL! But as a result I developed a sharp tongue that I've had to learn how to soften.  

 Willis - Most people don’t know that I suffer from auto immune condition called alocepia universalis; I have been stripped of the ability to grow hair and have been since I was four years old.


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 What do you find most appealing emotionally about your partner?

 Stacy - It takes a LOT to rattle him. He does not feed into drama. Never has. 

Willis - Her unending supply of compassion for others, particularly children, sickly or elderly, etc.



What is the facial expression of your partner's that you like best?

Stacy - Is this a PG or X-rated blog? I kid. His trademark crooked smile. 

Willis -  When she is happy to the point of not being able to contain excitement. Its almost as if you were witnessing a child experiencing something so good for the first time and there social response has yet to have been developed.  



Bugs Bunny, or Mickey Mouse?

Stacy - Anybody who says Mickey Mouse needs to get the serious side-eye. TEAM BUGS BUNNY, YO! Wuzzup, Doc?! 

Willis - Bugs Bunny



What sound do you love?

Stacy - The sound of my breath. 

 Willis - Ocean waves



The sexiest person in the world other than your spouse?

Stacy - Prince. Duh! LOL! Oh and that dude from Man of Steel. Hubby says if the Man of Steel dude comes to Charlotte, it's about to be some furniture moving.

 Willis -  I don’t know



How do you best show/express your love?

Stacy - It depends on the loved one that I'm dealing with and how they need to receive love. So the starting point is always by being present and mindfully listening.

Willis - Through my actions and acts of service



What was the most dramatic moment in your relationship?

Stacy - When I left my marriage for 12 months back in 2011. It was the hardest thing I've ever done. But praise God, we are better for it. 

 Willis – Going through our divorce process a couple of years back



What has been the most beautiful moment in your relationship?

Stacy - When we submitted to God and one another...and reconciled in 2012. It's been nothing but rainbows and unicorns ever since. The marriage of my dreams. 

Willis - Bringing our sons into the world.



Seen anything weird lately?

Stacy - Only this question. LOL! The world is too fascinating to me. Weird is a judgement that I don't subscribe to.

Willis – (no comment)



What is your perfect pizza?

Stacy - Oh now you've done it. Pizza is one of my top 3 favorite foods. Cheese pizza with kalamata olives is my FAVE!

Willis - The Maui Wowie pizza at the Mellow Mushroom.  A must try.



When do you find yourself singing?

Stacy - So here's the thing: I don't really sing...unless humming when I'm eating food counts. But I can spit a dope rhyme though! Really only old school rap like Lodi Dodi.  

 Willis - In my head while daydreaming about getting away



What would you do if you were a man for one day? What would you do if you were a woman for one day?

 Stacy - If I were a man for a day I would have sex with me...because I know it would be OFF THE CHAIN! LOL!!!!!! 

 Willis - If I were a woman for one day I would be a drama queen to just to try and tap into how deep that rabbit hole goes.  LOL!



When are you at your best?

Stacy - In the morning, after coffee. 

 Willis - When I feel free and uninhibited in any way; So I guess rarely.


  moye photography yogamoye photography yoga

What would be an ideal relaxing day for you?

Stacy - A day when I receive no electronic notifications/emails, have no appointments or obligations, I'm near a beach...and no phone calls. 

Willis - I would be in the ocean, body surfing , fishing, swimming and having the sun kiss my skin as I lay at the beach shore, listening to waves rushing, smelling the salt in the air;  Know that I am home…



What should you consider before getting married?

Stacy - Living alone and being comfortable with being by yourself. Possibly forever. You don't need a spouse but you DO need a community of positive energy surrounding you. 

Willis - Emotional and spiritual compatibility.  It may seem obvious or even something worth compromising at first, then you realize you are your emotions and spirit and you don’t share them with just anyone.



If you could meet anyone before they became famous, and be part of their journey, who would it be?

Stacy - Iyanla Vanzant. 

Willis - Patty LaBelle. That would have been awesome!



When was the last time you astonished yourself?

Stacy - When I recently completed teaching my first yoga teacher training full of diverse students. It was huge for me. 

Willis - This past month.  The things I’ve endured, the obstacles and setbacks I overcame, all while being unselfish and uncompromising.   I could not imagine a more astonishing milestone in my life until this time.



What’s your favorite dessert?

Stacy - A better question is: What's NOT my favorite dessert.  

Willis -  Pecan Pie and whipping cream



What body part do you wash first?

Stacy - My armpits. SO FUNNY! I never thought about it! 

Willis - My face



What was your childhood nickname?

Stacy - Stacy Furr or Furr. (my maiden name) 

Willis – Willie Ray



What is the hardest part about being parents?

Stacy - Releasing control. 

Willis - How you are force to watch train wrecks in slow motion, know full well that you’ve warned that boy and provided alternatives.



What is something that is predictable moye phtoography charlotte ncmoye phtoography charlotte nc about your spouse?

Stacy - Sooooo many things. But above all else: that he'll go shopping. For anything. Any time. Anywhere. This is where we differ. 

Willis - How she will not make it through one single day without first having coffee and/or a cigarillo



Something you see in the future of your relationship that brings you joy?

Stacy - Running around the house naked when these chillren finally move out!  

Willis - Being a well-adjusted empty nester married couple with no particular hurry to be grandparents



Name three great things about being married?

Stacy - 1. Laughing out loud with my best friend every single day. 2. Great sex. 3. Being with someone who is perpetually winning at adding to my happiness. 

Willis - Having a sounding board, having a companion, being always in arms reach of your best friend.



For one minute looking into your spouse's eyes, when you are done, tell me what you were thinking. 

Stacy - I can't because I kept making funny faces and laughing. 

Willis - Damn! She’s got big eyes and I wanna bite her nose.  LOL



Do you scrunch or fold your toilet paper?

Stacy - I scold it. Which is a combo of scrunching, folding, and yelling at it to get all the poop off my bunghole.  

Willis - Fold



Any final thoughts?

Stacy - Do more yoga. Period! With me, with someone else.! Stop giving up on it because it wasn't easy the first time you did it. Nothing...nothing worth having in this life was easy the first time. Love you. 

Willis -  I am impressed that I was able to participate in these questions!


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