These proofs are raw unedited files for proofing purposes only. Once your selection has been made, Moye will begin the finishing process. Please make your selection by hovering over the image you would like and choosing favorite. When complete, go to the top left corner and select Favorites and Send To Photographer.

*** Choose (5) Final Images, From your (5) Files Choices, please let me know which you would like as your 8x10 and 5x7 Print. You may purchase additional prints via this link.

* You are not permitted to Copy, Scan, or Alter any of the files without permission from the Photographer.

Your Proofs are only up for a limited time. You will be reminded via a gray pop up box at the bottom of your screen. When your proofs link expires, if you would like more time to view and order, there will be a $20 re upload fee. If you would like to place an additional print order, you may do so by clicking on the image and using the size/price chart to the right of the images. Your selection will be shipped directly to you.
This gallery will be available through June 25, 2018. Remind me again later