Life’s Carefree Expression Captured @ Shutter Speed

Spend The Day with Moye Photography - Love is a Mountain Retreat in Lagos, NigeriaSpend The Day with Moye Photography - Love is a Mountain Retreat in Lagos, NigeriaMoye Photography - Documentary Photography      Think of your life being captured moment by moment in real time as photographer Moye accompanies you throughout your day with camera and creative eye in tow. Your experiences; free, unfiltered, expressive; the living essence of who you are as seen through the eyes of Moye. This photographic experience is an intimate voyage through one’s own fascinating journey; revealing a personal and introspective portrait of all the people, places, and sights you encounter on any given day. To see the reality of your life captured from that experience: think of how extraordinary it would be to participate in an engaging photographic day with Moye.

You can SPEND THE DAY WITH MOYE™ on a family vacation, weekend activities and fun, document a day on the job doing what you love, taking the kids to the park, a special date with your spouse or significant other, capture a day of volunteering by yourself or with family and friends. Maybe you are remodeling a home or business, creating a masterful art piece, visiting grandparents, or just enjoying a beautiful day in the city; Moye can come along and photograph the journey so that you can look back on the beauty of life's many magnificent moments.


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