Moye' has an incredible world view that makes them incredibly inventive behind the lens. Moye caught our vision immediately. We were re-branding and really trying to break out of some of the connotations associated with government and equal opportunity work and begin a new chapter. Aside from the fact that Moye produced amazing shots of every participant in our office, Moye's process of engaging with us was therapeutic and refreshing. Each member of the staff felt inspired to reinterpret their person and thus arrive at new meaning for the work they do every day at the Agency. In a short amount of time, it seems that everyone, individually has discovered some kind of 'hero/heroine within'. That meant the world to us both as professionally and personally. We received so much.

- Michael Davis, NIH Diversity and Inclusion


Moye provided invaluable photography services to the National Institute of Health’s Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). Moye's beautiful creative eye lent itself well to the design of the new EDI website. We needed someone who viewed the world with a unique perspective who could use their camera to capture the essence of the EDI team. Moye' hit this on all marks. Within a short time, Moye was able to allow our team members to relax for the photo shoot. And through conversation, Moye captured the personalities of each of our team so accurately and in such depths through their images – and much more accurately than a narrative description could provide. The result will be a beautiful website with Moye's works of art proudly displayed. I would recommend anyone contemplating capturing images in the diversity and inclusion arena to consider Moye and anyone who wants to capture the beauty of people around them to consider Moye'. Moye' is an artist and a true professional who will not leave you disappointed.

- Director, Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at National Institutes of Health


Moye has been one of the most consistent professionals I have met. Moye's work ethic is amazing and Moye's vision for photography is truly felt once produced into reality. I always feel comfortable with Moye and have a sense of comfort when Moye' leaves the shoot. It's like I feel the trust I have with them. Thank you Moye for being who you are as a person and for showing your passion through your work. 

- Ernest Flores, BarSphere Agency


Moye Photography - Family PortraitsMoye Photography - Family PortraitsProfile Artist Moye Portrait of Mother and her Daughters


Working with Moye was a breath of fresh air. Moye is personable and passionate about their work. Moye knew what they wanted and was an amazing creative director but Moye' also cared about my personal input throughout our photo shoot. I reached out to Moye for the job with very little turnaround time and they rearranged their busy schedule (Moye was in the middle of a personal move) to ensure my needs and timetable were met. Not only is Moye a true professional, Moye is absolutely gifted as an artist and photographer. You cannot teach someone to see beyond their eyes & camera lenses to reach into your soul. I would highly recommend Moye to anyone I know over and over again!

- Mali Phonpadith, CEO of Mali Creative, Executive Producer of Tea with Mali



When I think of photography, I think of Moye, IMMEDIATELY. It didn't take but a few moments in his presence to discern the deliberate precision and unmistakable skill that he brings to the shoot. I felt completely comfortable during my session and never wondered or questioned a decision that he made. Moye's portfolio speaks for itself and I'm elated to have been able to benefit from his unmatched gift to capture moments, energy and the spirit of her subjects!

- Xiavian Brown, Pen Point Events


Over the years as a professional that the media tracks on a daily basis, I have been fortunate to understand the power of quality work as it relates to imaging. However, Moyeh took my knowledge and transformed it to a higher and much more professional level. The quality of work, patience and the ability to coach me through the process was beyond incredible. I would highly recommend Moye's services, whether you are a celebrity or have the desire for high quality professional photos.

- Kenston Griffin, Dream Builders Communication, Inc.


Moye exemplifies the perfect model of professionalism, creativity, and class. I have used and continue to support his high quality services from my business. You are guaranteed to be AMAZED by his style and refined work ethics on any project, however small or large. I recommend you contact him immediately! What are you waiting for?

- Melvin Williams, Spirit Massage and Body Work



Outdoor Portraits of Children - Moye PhotographyOutdoor Portraits of Children - Moye PhotographyCreative Portrait Photography


Moye is, hands down, the best in the business. Moye's work and work ethic truly speaks for itself. Not only is Moye professional, punctual, and well-prepared, Moye's skill with the eye and a camera is unmatched. Moye's vibe and spirit allow clients to feel comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend Moye!!!!

- CL Claiborne


Moyeh is an excellent photographer with extensive knowledge and creativity. He truly studies his craft, as well as his customers, in order to create beautiful work. Moyeh has phenomenal interpersonal skills, which allows him to connect greatly with his customers. I am truly impressed with Moyeh's work and was able to utilize his expertise for my professional portfolio. I recommend his services to any person looking for a great photographer.

-  LaKesha Brooks, Senior Sales/Marketing Consultant


Moye is the consummate professional. I felt comfortable and confident during our shoot although I was a little nervous at first. The finished product was nothing short of beautiful photography.

- Stacy Winslow, Evolution Yoga


I have known Moyeh for quite some time and would always consider Moye for any of my projects that require thought-provoking and professional photography. Not only do I know Moye from a professional standpoint but personally as well. Moye is one of the most compassionate people that I have come across and has extreme passion for their craft. I highly recommend Moye if you are looking for a consummate professional that delivers.

- Jamie Allen, J Allen Design


Portrait Fashion Photography - Maryland and Dc PhotographerPortrait Fashion Photography - Maryland and Dc PhotographerCommercial and Fashion Photography


Moye is a very detailed artist who sees the art and beauty in all things. Moye is very professional and patient with their work. Moye works well with  clients and has a strong work ethic. Very creative and easy to work with and all Moye's photos represent quality.

- Janean Benton, IBM Manager -Mobile Enterprise Services


I can't say enough about MOYE'. Moye's dedication to their work and their clients is unmatched. When I told Moye I was interested in having head shots taken, they immediately scheduled a time that was convenient for the both of us, and chose a location that fit my personality. Moye had a vision...all I had to do was show up. When I told Moye I wanted some video clips for a project I was working on, they listened to the details and immediately had a vision of what it should look like. I also asked them to take photos of me while I was teaching a class. I was surprised at how well Moye captured the emotions of each person in the room. I have since referred them to several of my clients who were also extremely satisfied with MOYE's work. Moye is a creative genius. It is my belief that gifts are something that you are born with, they are deeply embedded inside of you...and it was obvious to me from the beginning that what MOYE' has is a gift. Moye loves every ounce of what they do. Moye embraces it, and it is revealed in the finished product. Would I recommend MOYE' to work on your next project? The answer is a resounding YES!